Michael Adamse received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Miami after completing a pre-doctoral fellowship at Yale University. Dr. Adamse specializes in relationship issues and has been in practice for over thirty years. He held an appointment as adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Miami. In addition, he held an appointment as Adjunct Professor with Nova Southeastern University where he lectured worldwide for their MBA program. He also served as a Captain in the U.S. Army Reserve Medical Corps.

His first book Affairs of the Net, published by HCI Press in 1996, represents a cutting edge study of relationships on-line. Dr. Adamse has appeared on MSNBC, the Sally Jesse Raphael Show, Maureen OBoyle, Dr. Joy Browne, On Main Street on several occasions and on ABCs 20/20 in recognition of his expertise in this area.

His first novel, Anniversary, published in 1998, is an inspirational story and represents HCI Press first fiction based book in over twenty-five years of publishing.

God's Shrink, his most recent novel, was released in September 2007. The book explores the notion that God may be more like us than we imagine. The screenplay is under development.

Dr. Adamse has been an expert psychological commentator on many issues and has participated in over 300 radio, print and TV interviews. He hosted a weekly National Public Radio program, On the Couch, which featured interviews with various nationally recognized leaders in literature, the arts, entertainment, politics and the media. The program was taped in front of a live studio audience at Reading Etc., City Place, West Palm Beach, Florida. He also hosted a psychologically oriented segment on the highly popular nationally syndicated radio show American Breakfast.

Dr. Adamse hosted a prime-time radio segment on Wild 95.5 FM, one of South Floridas premier stations with an audience exceeding 300,000 listeners. The program, 30 Second Therapy, invited callers to briefly size up their problem and Dr. Adamse provided clear and directive advice in a user-friendly format.

Dr. Michael Adamse